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Working group macroecology go the GfÖ

The main aim of the Specialist Group is to advance macroecology and to support the development of macroecological research in Central Europe and beyond. It provides a forum for scientific exchange about macroecological topics, i.e. about the patterns of biological diversity at large geographical and temporal scales as well as about the underlying processes and mechanisms. A particular goal is to foster collaboration and to link young and more established macroecologists.

As one of its core activities, the Specialist Group holds annual meetings organized in different formats, depending on the aims and preferences of the local meeting hosts. Among the highlights of the last years were e.g. conferences at the Senckenberg Nature Museum in Frankfurt, at the University of Vienna and at WSL Zurich each with about 100 participants and keynote lectures by leading international macroecologists.

Additional activities of the Specialist Group are regular sessions on macroecological topics during the annual meetings of the GfÖ and the continuous exchange via the group’s e-mail list. Write an email to Holger Kreft to get on the group’s email list or if you have any questions about the Specialist group.

Holger Kreft

AK Macroecology @ GfÖ

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